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Butler Soy Curls - 227g Bag

Butler Soy Curls - 227g Bag

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This is a shelf/pantry stable mix.

If you know, you know. If you don't, buckle up!

The faux meat on our always popular Toronto Island, and one of the Faux Meats on the Pig Destroyer Destroyer are, at their heart, a soy curl. Made from magic in one guy's place in Portland Oregon (seriously) Soy Curls are an all natural, organinic, non-GMO (if you're into all that) vegan protein that is unlike any other.

Jen was first introduced to them after a series of bad life choices led her to date a handful of people in Portland Oregon in the early 2010s and everywhere she went there were these things on all the vegan dishes called "Soy Curls" that seemed to be this magical versatile wonder thing. Sometimes they were a mock crispy chicken, sometimes they were in a fajita, sometimes they were pulled pork, sometimes they were on a pizza, sometimes they were on pasta, sometimes they were the main, stir-fried fried with onions and veggies, and sometimes they were broken up, breaded and fried like popcorn chicken. Some folks crushed them into mock bacon bits. Others used them in chili and soup. They just were everywhere and never the same way twice.

By the time Apiecalypse was ready to open on Bloor there was one person who was importing the retail bags into Canada and so we leapt at the opportunity to grab them and get them onto our pizza. Now, 7 years later, we are still burning through cases of bulk curls, and we are now, able to offer the retail bags for sale on our site to you, if you want to make your own delicious Soy Curly creations at home!

Item Size: Bake-At-Home


Organic Non-GMO Whole Soybeans

Cooking Instructions

Hydrate with warm water or marinade, and cook according to recipe or package.

Allergy Information


Nut Free

Our kitchen is a dedicated Tree-Nut and Peanut Free space.

100% Vegan

Since we began in 2010, Apiecalypse Now has been 100% Vegan. No Eggs, Dairy, Shellfish, Meat, Lard, Gelatin, Shellac, Honey or any other animal or insect derived ingredients.

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Ready in less than 15 Minutes!

Our frozen vegan pizzas are perfect to keep on hand for those days you don't feel like cooking, or waiting for takeout. In less than 15 minutes you can go from a frozen pie to a crispy melty pizza right in your own kitchen, and for less than the cost of the delivery fees and service charges most of the big apps charge.