Closed temporarily
Thank you for your interest in the Apiecalypse Now Online Store! We are taking a fall break. We will be back in Mid-October with our new lineup of fall stuff, and a bunch of new things everyone has been asking about, plus some much needed site maintenance! If you're in Canada or the USA and you want some cookies, our cookie store is still open and we ship! Sign up for our mailing list to be alerted to our return as soon as it happens! Or you can follow our Instagram for the most up to date information @pizzapiecalypse Thank you so much for all your support the last year while we got our digital legs. Hopefully we will be back with an easier to manage site and having been able to apply what we have learned over the last 13 months! If you are on Hamilton, you can grab our Pizza anytime at Coven Vegan Market or if you are in Ottawa, we sell our pizza at Little Jo Berry's! See you all real soon!

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We'll be re-opening the store in the near future, so please check this space or sign up for our list!