A photograph of our veg fest booth at Burlington Veg Fest this past summer. A banner advertising our pizzas, a table full of pies and treats, black tablecloth, and our raccoon banner.

The End of the Summer Veg Fest Season

Well, after a few months of touring across Southern Ontario we have successfully spread the good word about our new Frozen Pizzas, sold a lot of pies, and of course we saw all of you in person for the first time in over a year!

But just as the Summer is for Veg Fests, the Fall is for starting to get cozy again, and that means us too. We're settling into our new web-space here, and firing up all the burners at our kitchen space, and getting ready to step into the comfort food season with both feet. Maybe even more feet than that, like a vegan centipede worth of feet (do they have feet or just legs... makes note to self to google centipede feet later.)

I will be posting in this news blog section with some recipes and tips as well as updates about what we are working on, so follow along if you like that sort of thing.

In the meantime our new site is up and it has a full stock ready to go for the first week of orders. Over the next 6 weeks we have a bunch of fall and winter favourites and new items we are going to be adding so keep your eyes on this space and our Instagram!

We also hope to return to some Holiday Markets this winter so keep your eyes open for that in case we are able to confirm a spot at any of those!

As always for the ongoing support and kindness now and over the years--from my big dorky queer heart, and my family to all of you, thank you. Sincerely.


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